Case Study


In this case study, we examine how Auxilium Digital's strategic use of emerging technologies and client-centric approach propelled North Property Group to the forefront of the digital solutions industry.

Client Overview

Auxilium.Digital partnered with a leading real estate firm to elevate their digital footprint and drive business growth. Our mission was to refine their digital strategy, enhancing market reach and customer engagement despite an existing website.

The Challenge

In the competitive real estate sector, our client struggled with attracting online attention and an outdated marketing strategy. Their goal: a digital revolution to boost online presence and engagement.

Our Objective

We aimed to transform the client's digital presence, making them a dominant online real estate authority. Our focus: improve online visibility, revamp marketing strategies, and enhance website user experience to attract quality leads and foster business growth.

The Approach by Auxilium.Digital:

  1. SEO Revamp: A complete SEO audit and optimization to improve search engine rankings.
  2. Content Marketing: A strategy to showcase the client's expertise and offerings.
  3. Website Redesign: Modernising the website for a more intuitive and engaging user experience.
  4. Lead Generation: Targeted campaigns to attract and capture potential client interest.


  • SEO Optimization: Keyword research, meta tag optimization, and site speed enhancements.
  • Content Creation: Engaging blogs, articles, and property highlights to draw and retain visitors.
  • Website Overhaul: A sleek, mobile-responsive design with easy navigation and interactive elements.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns: Social media and email campaigns with strong CTAs and personalised content.


In response to the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Auxilium Digital initiated a comprehensive digital transformation journey aimed at boosting operational efficiency and elevating customer experience, resulting in a substantial increase in traffic.

Increased Traffic


Traffic Increase
in May 2023

Increased Engagement


Increased user

Revenue Boost


Increase in
Revenue Since
Oct 2022


Auxilium.Digital's strategic and innovative digital solutions significantly uplifted our client's online presence, leading to enhanced visibility, lead generation, and substantial business growth in the real estate industry.

Client Review

“Auxilium.Digital, with SEO expertise and digital marketing finesse, revitalized our real estate business. Their lead generation strategies and results-driven approach drove substantial online growth. A trusted partner for digital success.”


North Porperty Group