Development Team Extension

Experience Utmost Collaboration, Transparency, & Expertise


Connect with Partners Not Just A Team

Web Seeders provides ultimate partnership benefits to ensure quality, competence, compliance, privacy, and security. Our experts understand your business’s needs, vision and execute every process of development to achieve desired results while helping you hit the market in a short time frame.


Multiplatform Expertise

Get cross-platform, certified, experienced and high-caliber experts to work on your projects on demand. Our experts help you reach a wider audience while cutting time and cost to increase high profitability.

Hassle-Free Teamwork

Our engineers and administration team integrates with your in-house team effortlessly. We provide your project the most productive team motivated towards your goals and vision.

Full Data-Security & Privacy

No need to worry about privacy and security of your company’s intellectual property or any other sensitive data while working with us.

Utmost Control

Get everything done while having complete control on every task and team member via the latest communication and reporting tools.

Streamline Every Process of Your Project in a Few Taps


Hire Specialized Experts & Save Time

Get your hands on world-class talent for whatever platform you need your product for and serve any client or industry with confidence. Reach new clients and deliver more while having cross-platform, experienced and well-educated professionals in your team.

Brand Workspace

Performance-Oriented, Retaining & Stress-Free Culture

Web Seeders takes every measure to keep your team inspired and takes good care of their mental health, work-life balance to ensure innovation, intelligence and compliance. Moreover, they get all the required training, mentorship and tools to achieve desired results.


Experience Hassle-free Team Set-up
with Complete Transparency



We team up with you to recruit the best, affordable and competitive talent for your project’s needs via multi-tier on-boarding process. Our human resource professionals ensure you have the right talent for the right job while handling everything for you.

We build your team
We run your operation


Integrate your offshore development team to your in-house development team effortlessly in no time. Our management makes sure the team members, required data, tools and skills are set-up to meet the deadlines and expected results.



Once you get everything set-up, sit back and relax to witness desired results in expected time-frame along with utmost quality, competence, compliance and customer satisfaction. Scale your business with un-matched flexibility and affordable resources.

You scale without limits

Build Your Dream Product Now

Get Ready to Reach New Levels of Success!

Hire the top-talent with cross platform expertise and proven work experience in the industry; increase your team's capacity and serve diversified clients.

Transform from a basic digital set-up to an enterprise with access to a talent pool of high achievers in their respective fields.

Cater to the needs of international clients while having a team that is well-versed in the English language.

Reach the market fast with getting everything done having highest quality, compliance and creativity.


We Cover Every Technology, Platform & Industry

Technology Set

Auxilium Digital got you covered by on-boarding well educated developers that are well versed in all the latest technologies your business needs. We thrive and stand out our competitors by providing every type of solution for your company including AI and ML.



We incorporate the latest and proven strategies to plan, execute, testing and deployment of your products and services. The leadership at Auxilium Digital makes sure every resource of your extended development team is aligned with your business core values, vision and produces the expected results.


We help you achieve the desired results by letting you gauge the performance of your team in real-time. It includes daily and intelligent reports, time-zone benefited meetings, and 24/7 customer support by our dedicated staff.


Get a Hassle-free Team Extension Plan for your Business

Time Sink

Limited Resources

Higher Operational Costs

Still Working on Old Technologies

Delayed Market Launch

More liabilities

Fast Streamlining of Every Process

Access to Pool of Great Talent

Cost-Effective Solutions

Incorporation of New Technology

Faster Launch Time

Flexible Scalability


Experience Ultimate Reliability, Credibility & Affordability

Powerup your project’s development speed with world class talent

Control all processes entirely with transparent communication

Watch development, administration, payroll & logistics taken care of

Get tailor made and secure solution for your unique business needs